Bishop James Conley, Thanks for the Memories in Denver

Bishop James Conley is heading to Lincoln Nebraska to become their new shepherd, but not before a quick trip down memory lane in the Archdiocese of .

  • Deacon Tom

    What a great overview of another bishop who captured the minds and hearts of the folks from Coloraod (and Arizona and Kansas …..). Thank you Excellency. Bon Voyage. Via con Dios. Thank you, Seth.

  • dbarto667

    Wow! Just think what one man can do with the help of God and His Church.

  • Cathy McCarthy

    This was wonderful, Seth! Thank you for these memories and God bless Bishop Conley and all of our Bishops!

  • Denverite

    Wodnerful. Everyone in Lincoln should watch this video… :-)

  • campaign directors

    Thank you Bishop Conley, for supporting 40 Days For Life in Boulder, Denver & Fort Collins in prayer, vigil, from the pulpit and especially for the prayer you wrote for our campaigns. Much success to you in Lincoln. May God hold you in the palm of His hand.

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