Our Day of Rest: Relic of the True Cross

During the 20th World Youth Day 2005 in Cologne Germany, Fr. Ronald Thomas “Archie” A. Cortez, SRC was invited to be a guest of The President of the Philippine-German Associate in Oberhausen, Germany – Mr. Lutz Ruhloff . During his visit, he met Msgr. Volker Bauer from the Diocese of Essen in Germany, who was then the custodian of the Relic of the Holy Cross of Jesus. His search for the ideal and willing candidate to look after the relic was finally found. Fr. Archie who has a homegrown monastic community here in the Philippines(Servants of the Risen Christ Monastic Community) was chosen to bring home the relic and be its next custodian.

In the central part of the Island of Luzon (a 4-5 hour drive from Manila) is the Mountain of Resurrection in the province of San Jose -Tarlac, this is where the Relic of the True Cross is enshrined for public veneration. Since the arrival of the Relic, Pilgrims both local and foreign have been flocking to the Mountain of Resurrection daily and There were a lot of documented miracles and testimonials from people getting healed because of their pilgrimage to the Relic of the Holy Cross.

It is also great to know that this is the only place in Asia where you can find the Sacred Relic of the True cross of Christ. Philippines would like to thank the Prior of the Monastic Community-Fr.Archie Cortez for giving us permission to take footage of the Relic of the True Cross.

For more information on the Relic of the True Cross, you can go to the website of the order:

  • Joseph M. DeMoor

    how special and thank you for sharing

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