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Gift of Marriage, Children, and the Faith, Bring Hope to Denver through the Paredes Family

‘We felt the need to join a community of young married couples’ The most important gift we can give our children is to help them...

Holy Family High School in Broomfield, Colorado Sets Bar High for Catholic Education

Holy Family Students are Being Prepared Daily for 21st Century Challenges “Holy Family High School continues to represent the best of Catholic education in Colorado,...

Michelle Marie Mandico, Breaking Hearts LIVE

Choices in Life can Break Hearts, but God’s Mercy Brings us Through “This choice breaks more than one heart, this choice breaks more than one...

Building Catholic Culture Block by Block in Denver with Deacon Goebel

I Want to Serve a Church that is Vibrant “You are a priest forever according to the order of Melchizedek”

Published on: March 27th,...

From Global Voice Performances to Business Challenges, Myles Ogea has Kept the Faith

I Started Cantering when I was Thirteen “It’s such an amazing experience when you get fear out of your life.”

Published on: March 15th,...

#RallyForThePope on Twitter

With the chair of St. Peter vacant, the eyes of world now turn to the Vatican to learn the news of his successor. This...

A Reflection on the Diaconate, Family Life, and Terminal Cancer, with Deacon Dusty

We all have Busy Lives & Deadlines “I’ve survived this long, I pray everyday that God shows me what to do with this moment.”

Sacrament of Baptism for Giovanni Paolo Amador Guizar, First Son of Hugo & Karla

Baptismal Celebration for Giovanni Paolo “Through Baptism we are freed from sin and reborn as sons of God; we become members of Christ, are incorporated...

Perpetual Promises of Full Apostolic Availability of Ricardo Simmonds, S.C.V.

Sodalitium Christianae Vitae Perpetual Promises “I, Ricardo Simmonds, commit myself before God and the Sodalit community, and invite myself to keep for all the days...

Debbie Herbeck Shares her Journey from Judaism to Catholicism to a Denver Colorado Audience

Debbie Herbeck discovered Catholicism in college, and ever since, has been sharing her conviction for Jesus Christ through speaking and bible studies ever since....

Medical Mission in the Peruvian Andes with Christian Life Movement

‘It was necessary, absolutely necessary’ Whether it is the scratches in our hardwood floors or deciding on our next vacation, it often obstructs our view...

The Gospel Unplugged with Chris Stefanick: The Saints, part 5

Part 5, the final installation of the ‘Gospel Unplugged’ with Chris Stefanick. This final segment focuses on saints, enjoy! As always, there is more...

The Gospel Unplugged with Chris Stefanick: A Terrifying Love, part 4

Part 4, click here to visit Chris Stefanick’s website for more information on booking him for a speaking gig:

The Gospel Unplugged with Chris Stefanick: What He Did For Us, part 3

Part 3 to the great series from Chris Stefanick and the ‘Gospel Unplugged.’ Learn more on his background and skills at

The Gospel Unplugged with Chris Stefanick: Jesus, part 2

Part 2 to the ‘Gospel Unplugged’ with Chris Stefanick. Remember to check out more of his videos, blogs, and future speaking engagements at

The Gospel Unplugged with Chris Stefanick: God, part 1

Chris Stefanick opens with part 1 from his popular series, ‘The Gospel Unplugged.’ Part 1 centers on an inspiring discussion on God; a big...

Bishop James Conley, Thanks for the Memories in Denver

Bishop James Conley is heading to Lincoln Nebraska to become their new shepherd, but not before a quick trip down memory lane in the...

“The Concept of Woman in Relation to Man, 1500-2000: Some Highlights”

Sister Prudence Allen from the Religious Sisters of Mercy gave a great talk on the history of woman in relation to man since 1500...

Ordination to Holy Orders in Denver Colorado Answers Christ’s Call

DENVER, CO, USA — Ordination to the Priesthood in Denver Colorado comes once a year for the Mile High City. Thankfully, in 2012, four...

The Archdiocese of Denver Provides Adoration, Vigil Praise for Young Adults in Colorado

On a monthly basis during the school year, the seminarians in the Archdiocese of Denver put their musical skills and passion for Christ to...

“The Defense of Religious Freedom and Catholicism in America” by Dr. Jonathan Reyes

Fast forward to 40 minutes to begin the lecture. Apologies for some audio issues during the recording. There is always some sort of challenge with...

Website Crash of 2012: ‘Here Comes the Comeback’

Seth J. DeMoor Founder & Video Missionary in USA GET UPDATES FROM SETH DEMOOR

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“Here comes a comeback, The kid...

Discerning the Priesthood and Impact of Blessed John Paul II

Steve Seguin Video Missionary in USA GET UPDATES FROM STEVE SEGUIN

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John Paul II and Mother Teresa, Their 21st c....

Bike for the Unborn in California, Summer of 2012

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June 12th - 16th, 2012 Southern California “Those from among...

Sodalitium Christianae Vitae Reveals Meaning of Life

Seth James DeMoor

Missionary Director in USA Founder, President, Video Missionary


What is the...

Evangelical Atheism Questioned

An evangelical Atheist shares about his wrestling with the big questions of life on this first day of Lent.

I’m Ready for God’s Plan

The title of this testimony, 'I'm Ready for God's Plan,' really does speak to the direct message of this young man from Denver.

From Kansas to Philadelphia, Archbishop Chaput

During this story, we hear about some of Archbishop's fondest memories growing up in Kansas.

RECORDING: “Is Contraception Harmful? Dr. Janet Smith

In fact, it is not an interview at all, but a debate, the great debate in fact! Every year, the St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic...

Atheism, the Radical Left, and Pursuing Truth, part II

Beauty pierces the heart of an atheist in today's Catholic story from Colorado. The denial of God may arise in some hearts, until one...

Atheism, the Radical Left, and Pursuing Truth

'Faith without works is dead.' Today's story sheds light on this reality.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk with Bishop Conley part II

October 4 2011 ~ Bishop Conley wraps up his story from the University of Kansas where the encounter with truth began to convert his...

Be Prepared To Defend

July 30th 2011 ~ Are you prepared to defend the hope that is within you?