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  • Elizabeth

    Love it! Thanks for this. Shared on fb.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.demoor Joseph M. DeMoor

    If her message could be spread far and wide we would have alot less anxiety with our young adults and more mature individuals such as myself. Wonderful broadcast and thank you!

  • Padre Agaton

    love it too. catholics neeeds to watch and hear her testimony. God is truly good!

  • David Panlilio

    Thanks so much Fr.Agaton! 🙂 do you have facebook? id like to add you to our list when we have updates. 🙂

  • http://www.OneBillionStories.com/ OneBillionStories.com

    Many thanks Padre Agaton for watching! More from Leah next week. Come back often for new stories of hope; and don’t be shy in sharing these stories with family and friends.

  • http://twitter.com/caesarjbsquitti Caesar J. B. Squitti

    Proof God exists…(well indirectly, by proving the devil deceived us about truths…they can lie.)

    based on the book…
    The LIGHT; The Rainbow of Truths…t.j.c.c.

  • http://www.OneBillionStories.com/ OneBillionStories.com

    Caesar, we are interested to hear more about your thoughts, what is your driving point based on the quote / book above?

  • dbarto667

    Can you believe the courage of this young woman.God bless her .

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  • dbarto667

    On EWTN’s program-11-19-13,Johnnette Benkovick stated that a woman’s role in life is not to seduce a man but to inspire him to do God’s wll on earth- Peggy,I love you. Peace on earth and good will to all mankind.

  • Sr.Athens

    Thanks Leah Darrow for being a prophet of our times. With you, the world is heading towards a culture of life (and not death).