• Dana Doyle

    This is a powerful witness! So many young people need to hear this message. Thanks to the Everts for their ministry!

  • David Panlilio

    Thanks for your kind words Dana! :)what part of Crystalina’s story touched you? there is a part 2 to her story coming soon! 🙂

  • Mike Laxina

    I need to share this..thank you for creating powerful videos with this powerful messages of hope..

  • http://lovechic.com.ph/ Shai Lagarde

    I was able to come see them last September and it really gave me the strength to pursue real love 🙂

  • http://www.OneBillionStories.com/ OneBillionStories.com

    Shai, wow! So exciting to hear their message touched your soul! What struck you the most about this video from Crystalina?

  • http://www.OneBillionStories.com/ OneBillionStories.com

    Mike, please do share with your family and friends. A personal message via email would be awesome. Who knows, someone may have a small conversion of heart after watching.