How do you go to Adoration?

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What an opportunity we Catholics have to adore Christ in the on a daily basis in chapels around the country. Did you know that was suppressed in certain circles of the Catholic Church during and after the 1970s?

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What a tragedy that must have been for Catholics seeking God’s will. Stories and testimonies like today’s help prove that those circles of people who tried to stamp out were involved in a futile attempt to un-catholicize the Catholic Church. No such thing would last with the JPII generation coming up the ranks! In today’s culture, Catholics must call a spade a spade: is one of the most beautiful and fruitful forms of prayer that the the Holy Mother Church has protected and given to us in 2012. No heretical branches of Christianity will ever overcome the power of Eucharistic , stories like today’s proves it. And their are many on this website. Simply move your mouse over the ‘Archive’ tab above and then click on ‘’ to hear more stories centered around Christ. With God’s strength, Eucharistic will only increase among all Catholics around the world moving forward in to the 21st century.


It was blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta who said, ‘you want to know how to end abortion in America? Just establish an chapel across the street from every abortion mill in the country.’ Wow, what a beautiful quote from a modern day saint. May her testimony bring great strength to all who read these words. May the power of the laid out clearly in John chapter 6 of Holy Scripture, be the igniter of all apostolic works of the present age, including this humble attempt to evangelize the ‘digital continent’ thanks to inspiration from the one and only Pope Benedict XVI.

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Readings for 21st February 2012
First: James 4:1-10
Responsorial: Ps 55:7-8, 9-10a, 10b-11a, 23
Gospel: Mark 9:30-37

Rosary: Sorrowful Mysteries
1. The Agony in the Garden
2. The Scourging at the Pillar
3. The Crowning of Thorns
4. The Way of the Cross
5. The Crucifixion and Death

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    The interviews were very good and thank you for your team work.  The barber shop ministry is intriguing and I understand where he is coming from…reminds me of the movie Radio.  prayers and peace,  

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