Seth’s Pilgrimage Across America: 879 Miles Across Texas, Blog # 5

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Just past the sign to the right, that was my welcome to Texas, 879…miles! Crossing from the bayou of Louisiana into the Lone Star State was humbling to say the least.< Despite the daunting welcome marker of 879, the graces of Louisiana and the entire trip continue to unfold through the rolling hills of central Texas.

Houston was my first major stop in Texas. Thanks to David Thies (, it was perhaps the best. For not only did I experience Houston(ian) hospitality at its finest, I also made it over to Austin for a gig with David at a local Theology on Tap, and I did not have to pedal! Met many great Catholics with authentic

In addition to David’s help, St. Thomas University is once again another collegiate locale ripe for the harvest of the New Evangelization. Why? FOCUS! They have a team there who put me up for three nights and less than a year in to their commitment to the students of St. Thomas, I could tell hearts were beginning to move. My only hope is that the students realize and capitalize upon the gift of a Catholic education and theology, a rare and often frowned upon field of study in the modern world.

Aggieland! , TX! Texas A&M! St. Mary’s!

I must list some rough stats real quick to put this place in perspective for the Catholic world! 88 P-staffers last weekend for those of who know what that is. 4,000-5,000 college students going to Mass every Sunday, at a secular university. More Catholics than Notre Dame. 200-300 college students going to Daily Mass. TOB groups meeting every week. And the list of accolades could march on all across TEXAS!

I knew it was good, I had heard of St. Mary’s back in Florida (1500 miles back), but I had no idea it was going to be at this level. Sorry FSU, you’ve been trumped ; )     The conviction was profound, the numbers were truly a ‘city on a hill’, and the power of the late Holy Father, Pope John Paul II’s, TOB (Theology of the Body), peppered my experience at A&M. Students could not stop talking about TOB, and ‘The Revolution.’ In fact, they are starting a revolution, literally. A group of college students, just this semester, founded ‘The Revolution’ on campus. <

Does everyone out there in the world reading this see where we are at in the culture?  WE are in a state of existence, where college students are being forced to start a REVOLUTION, to unsheathe their spiritual swords for truth. And NOT out of force is the revolution beginning, but out of necessity for survival. The college culture is so steeped in lust and false truths for finding happiness and love that WE are sick of it! It is so bad out there in the world that I will not put it into words here, just know that the Catholic students at Texas A&M are starting a revolution that all Catholics should take notice in. For if we do not realign the purpose of the body and sex in our culture, what will our children and grandchildren be facing in the future? Let it begin…

Needless to stay, the conviction for TOB and Daily Mass at A&M put fresh strength in my legs for the journey north to Fort Worth! And of course, my Uncle Steve was the first comrade to join me for a leg of the pilgrimage from Waco to Fort Worth, another wink from the Almighty.

Who will be next?

  • Demoorjoe

    Nice to be rereminded of your journey and mission beginning.  prayers and peace as the next segment of your journey unfolds….