The Eye of the Storm with Jason Evert

Jason Evert

Jason Evert sits down with our OBS team in the Philippines, for a reflection on his ‘eye of the storm’ experience, of living in the modern world as a son of God. Throughout Jason’s inspiring story, Saint John Paul the Great has impacted his life, and continues to challenge him to pursue the spiritual life with vigor. In fact, he shares in the video a story on a little known fact on how many times a day Saint John Paul the Great would visit the adoration chapel. 20 times a day!

Be sure to check out Jason’s new book on Saint John Paul the Great by clicking on the books below. More great stories are in the book.

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  • Miss Schindler

    Jason Evert, you are super cool! So humble! Honestly, you are the kind of person I strive to become, God willing, I will touch as many lives as you do. Thank you for all the materials you give us to battle the enemy and to draw closer to Christ. Thank you.


    Thanks for watching, just curious, what was your favorite part about Jason’s story?

  • Christi

    THIS WAS AMAZING! I pick the eye of the storm part. And the part about mary 🙂

  • Jess

    Jason Evert is one of my favorite Catholic speakers. Is his book John Paul the Great and His 5 Great Loves available for purchase here in the Philippines?

  • Sr.Athens

    Pro-life Jason Evert is very famous. May he continue to be a blessing to all the peoples of the world. He is a great asset! Thanks for this video.