Schumann family goes to the ends of the Earth

Ben and Natalia Schumann are casting out in to the deep as they begin a mission for the saving love of the Gospel with Missions Company. The basic premise is that Ben, Natalia, and their two year old daughter Raleigh, will commit two years of their life to serving God and His Kingdom somewhere in the world. Along with other families, they will serve Christ and His Church through love, witness, generosity, and a spirit of community. Keep and hold the Schumann in your ’s prayers as they ‘cast out into the deep’ beginning January 2015.

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  • Laurleen

    Phew! What powerful testimony. Thanks for your moving message to every Baptised and Missioned Christian. I for one am moved and inspired by what you both say.Right enough when we reflect on our God coming down from heaven to walk with us, to teach and heal us broken people and raise us up and make us Divine ….. saved by His precious blood, we can ask what can I do in return. Look around and see the millions that are sacrificing their welfare and even their lives for their faith in Jesus Christ. O God be merciful to me a sinner.
    Today I was reading a short biography of Servant of God Walter Ciszek sj (1904-1984), by Heather King who blogs at
    As a youth Walter was a tear-away, a street gang leader, whose father in Shenandoah, PA asked the police to put Walter in a reform school.Instead he was ordained a Jesuit in 1937 and ministered in Lithuania and Russia and while working in a lumber camp secretly performed the Sacraments. Captured and imprisoned in the notorious Lubianka Prison. In one particularly gruelling session, charged with being a Vatican spy toward the end of 5 years he finally broke down and numbly signed page after page of trumped-up charges.
    Back in his cell, he was devastated. He, who had prided himself on his strength, had been broken. It struck with the force of revelation: for all his prayer and self-discipline, he had still been relying largely on himself. The episode was a “purgatory” that “left me cleansed to the bone” and marked a turning point after which he abandoned himself to God’s Will.
    He was sentenced to 15 years hard labour in a Siberian work camp. There during lunch break, he and his fellow believers secretly celebrated daily Mass. He later wrote: “These men would actually fast all day long and do exhausting physical labour without a bite to eat since dinner the evening before, just to be able to receive the Holy Eucharist - that was how much the Sacrament meant to them in this otherwise godforsaken place.”
    Released in 1955 he was exchanged for two Soviet spies and after 23 years he came home.
    Tender of heart and tough as nails he underwent a second conversion he suffered long, hard and humbly for love of Christ.
    What is the commitment of the Schumann Family calling me to today.
    What is the commitment of the Schumann Family calling you to today.
    God grant me the courage and the strength to pray and / or sacrifice for You today.

  • Jon Weiss

    I had trouble finding the link to donate to Ben and Natalia’s mission. Could you include the URL in the details too?


    You click on the FMC logo to get to their donate page, let us know if it does not work.