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    How has Kenn’s story impacted your story? Big question we know. But important to ponder, since we all have had our own personal challenges through the years.

  • Ed Duffy

    Nice job Seth!

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    Thanks Ed for watching! More stories coming in 2014!

  • Mike

    Thanks Seth for the stories thus far.

  • Norman

    It reminded me of my own story of my life and journey from atheism, to non-denominationalism, to my lovely home at the Catholic Church; I told God I wanted to be smart about helping people, only instead of St. Raphael I help out with Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults now and it’s beautiful. I’ve never attended a class past high school but I did so much reading in to religions and history that now several friends call me a walking encyclopedia; I’ve been called smart and helpful by people, that’s when I realized God could fulfill our deepest hopes and desires, it just never panned out like I thought it would, and thank God for that!

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    Norman, thank you for sharing a piece of your story

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    Mike, its our honor to share. What struck you about Kennc’s story

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  • chrisepic

    Goosebumps the entire way through. That’s my buddy. Thanks for sharing, Kenn.

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    Wow, great comment, so glad you saw the video and know Kenn personally. He is a great man that is seeking truth everyday and is not afraid to share it with the world. What struck you most about the video?

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  • Jade

    This guy isn’t the most reliable source. He relinquished his license to practice psychotherapy in Colorado after false advertising, unethical relationships with clients, and concerns about his mental well-being.